Welcome to the Mormon Athletes/Coaches Testify website.

The question is: Testify about what? It has been said that every man and woman has a story to tell. This website will present LDS athletes and coaches with the unique opportunity to share a part of their life’s story—their biography and some faith promoting stories unique to their outstanding accomplishments.

Their stories have variety. Some will tell of the trials they have encountered alone the trail of success and the aid and support received because of their belief in God and Jesus Christ. Other testimonials range from an expression of love for their families and what it means to have the knowledge of the fact that families will be together forever.

Many other testimonials will include thoughts on gospel doctrines such as: A) Where did I come from? B) Why am I here? C) What will happen to my family when I die?

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Since our website is new, we will add new testimonials as we receive them.